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  • Savan Ghetiya MD
    Internal Medicine
    Rhonda Lampen MD
    Adele Marina MD
    Elisabeth Spector MD
    Family Medicine
    Nagehan Uzun DO
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    Aaiza Aamer MD
    Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine
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What Others are Saying

  • It's great working with you Dr. Wei! Thank you!

  • Dr. Iyer has always made herself available, not only to patients, but to her team as well. Going above and beyond for each and every patient and every team member has proved what a great physician she truly is.

  • Dr. Sarris has an amazing bedside manner and explains everything to his patients, family members and nurses. He is kind and will make sure the patient understands their diagnosis and treatment by even going over imaging. He is a true asset to Community Medical Center.

  • Dr Nikunj Patel is the best physician at CMC! Extremely energetic,very positive and highly charismatic!! Very knowledgeable and very friendly and professional to the staff!!!

  • Dr. Coda and Dr. Marro are amazing. They are patience, kind and attentive to patients. Happy Dr. Day!!!!

  • Thank you for providing compassionate care. I appreciate your patience and your ability to answer my questions in a friendly, professional manner.

  • Thank you for always providing compassionate care. Your attention to detail and comforting bedside manner continues to put me at ease. I am proud to call you my doctor.

  • Congratulations on your inaugural presidential year! Keep up the good work. No slacking! RC

  • Dr. Mehta, you are the best.

  • Thank you for all you have done! Keep up the great work!

  • Thank you for all you have done! Much appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  • It's great working with you Dr Donovan! Thank you!

  • Happy Doctor’s Day Dr. Mathew. You are a very knowledgeable, kind and understanding doctor. It is a pleasure when I come for a well or sick visit. You are always smiling. Thank you for you and your staff.

  • Dr. Patti is always willing to teach and listen and is a great doctor! Thank you!

  • Great working with you Dr Chin! Thank you!

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